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Language at the Intersection of Perception, Action, and Technology
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Lab director
Teenie Matlock

Teenie Matlock is Professor of Cognitive Science and McClatchy Chair in Communications in the Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences at UC Merced. She is a cognitive linguist who investigates the processing of language in various domains, including spatial language, metaphor, framing effects in politics, grammatical aspect, and gesture. She is the Director of the Center for Climate Communication. Her work has been funded by the National Science Foundation and IARPA. She is a standing member of NIH's Language and Communication study section.

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Project Scientist
Emmanuel Vincent

Emmanuel is a Project Scientist in the Center for Climate Communication. He is currently working on the development of Climate Feedback, a project that allows scientists to provide in situ feedback on the accuracy of media reporting on climate change. After completing his PhD in climate science from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, he went on to become a post-doctoral fellow at MIT, where he worked on hurricane-climate interaction.

Postdoctoral researcher
Timothy Gann

Timothy earned his PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, Riverside. He is affiliated with the Sierra Nevada Research Institute at UC Merced, working with Teenie on projects related to climate change communication. His current research focuses on conducting large scale corpus analyses of online media related to the climate debate, the role of metaphor in how people talk about climate change, and the connections between attitudes and action. Timothy also is engaged in research related to how speakers incorporate knowledge about, and adjust their speech to account for, their audience's beliefs.

Graduate students
Patricia Lichtenstein

Patricia received her B.A. in Slavic Languages and Literature from the University of Chicago and her M.A. in Cognitive Linguistics from Case Western Reserve University. She has also spent some time studying economics at the London School of Economics, and studying philosophy and cognitive neuroscience at Duke University. Patricia's research aims to investigate the dynamics of language use across systems and scales. Patricia is co-advised by Michael Spivey.

Bodo Winter

Bodo received his M.A. in linguistics from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa and was a doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. He is now working with Teenie on conceptual metaphor theory. Coming from linguistics and phonetics, Bodo is also interested in language evolution and speech.

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Till Bergmann

Till studied at Imperial College London and the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where he received his B.A. degree. With a background in linguistics, he is interested in all aspects of language, focusing on cognitive linguistics and language evolution. Till is co-advised by Rick Dale and supported by the Fulbright fellowship.

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Lab affiliates
Chelsea Coe

Chelsea is a PhD student in the Political Science Department at UC Merced. Her research involves the study of political communication and mass public opinion with a focus on metaphors and framing. She started as a research assistant in ICL in 2011!

David Vinson

David is a graduate student at UC Merced. His work focuses on the intersection of cognition and computational social science along with language and perception. He holds a Master's degree in Psychology and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Philosophy.

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Drew Abney

Drew earned graduate degrees in education and psychology from Illinois State University. His developing research program entails studying the dynamics of perception, action, and cognition at multiple temporal and spatial scales.

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KellyAnn Kelso

KellyAnn holds degrees in Linguistics and Cognitive Science from UC Santa Cruz. Her interests include media theory, analogical reasoning and human-computer interaction. She is an associate researcher for the Climate Feedback project.

Research manager
Alfonso Montoya Jr.

AJ received his BS in Cognitive Science from UC Merced in 2014. He is a native of Sacramento, California, and is a fitness geek. He does research on various projects in the Interactive Cognition Lab, including how people communicate about automobile collisions and the language of service interactions.

Research assistants
Tania Lopez

Ifeyinwa Iwekaogwu

Gurjot Bains

Teryn Batiste

Anh Diep

Helen Nguyen